VDJ 200 Series Diesel Fuel Pre - Filter

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Part number: DT-DKLC30
This Filter unit is to be used as a Pre Filter to separate water & contaminates thus avoiding costly repairs due to poor fuel quality. This kit includes very detailed fitting instructions and everything you will need & even where to fit it !

Kit FM615DPK Contents : 
• 1x Fuel Filtration Unit Fuel Manager
  Made by Stanadyne in the USA !
  (Filters down to 30 Microns !),
• Mounting Bolts, washers & Nyloc nuts.
• Spare 30 Micron Filter.
• 1 Mtr of 12mm Quality Fuel hose.
• Specially Designed Filter Mounting Bracket.
• 1/2 Inch Straight Barb fittings.
• Blanking Plugs.
• Hose Clamps
• Thread Paste Sealant (6ml Tube)