2nd and 5th Gear Ratio Change

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Part number: 2NDA01
A common complaint about the 4.5L V8 turbo diesel VDJ 70 series Landcruiser (and HDJ78 HDJ79 4.2L 6 Cyl Turbo Diesel) is the high engine speed when at highway cruising speeds
Typically at 100km/h the engine will be revving at around 2400rpm
This can cause loud engine noise, high fluid temperatures, poor fuel economy and excessive engine wear
Combined these issues can significantly decrease engine life for those vehicles spending a lot of time at highway speeds

This is a modified counter shaft / lay-shaft and 2nd and  5th gear set for Toyota Landcruiser HDJ and VDJ 70 Series vehicles manufactured up to November 2016
After Nov 2016 Toyota adopted this ratio change

These have been designed as a direct replacement for the factory fitted components

This gear set has a taller ratio 5th gear and 2nd gear which provides an approximate 20 percent reduction in RPM
Brings the original ratio of 0.881:1 down to 0.736:1 

This is a Genuine Toyota Part and not an aftermarket part like the rest out there

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